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Get access to 21 world class mountain biking parks at your fingertips all within the convenience of your mobile phone by using our Multipark app. Whether it’s big berms, monster climbs or crazy drops, Multipark has got you covered!
Whatever your style, our variety of affiliated Multipark facilities will have you shredding whenever and wherever your adventure takes you.


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With 21 different world class mountain biking parks, there’s a ride for everyone! Ride your way with membership options designed just for you, whether you are all about riding with a buddy and sharing the experience and the fun with someone; or for the weekend warrior with the lust and the freedom to explore and enjoy their riding. We have catered for the avid rider looking to get out and push the limits of their riding, as well as for the adventurous rider who are all about the explorations and riding at as many different places as they can.

2 mtb riders on the open trail

MultiPark Buddy

3 entries per month for you and a buddy.

mtb rider on decline trail

MultiPark Standard

2 entries per park every month

mtb rider, riding through water

MultiPark 6

6 entries per month

mtb rider, cycling up open trail

MultiPark 10

10 entries per month




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"This app opens up the world of adventure! Before signing up to MultiPark I’d had been comfortable with visiting the same few bike parks every week. Now with MultiPark, it has opened a world of which I can explore. With the parks map its easy to choose what the weekends adventures will be. Coupled with the ease of access, the platform fits seamlessly into my cycling lifestyle."

-Jeremy Ton

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"Most of the trails parks I ride in Gauteng are MultiPark member parks, so it makes sense to have a membership. It’s really convenient as the scan-and-ride process is quick and simple and I get to ride all the parks at a discounted rate. More coffee or beer cash for me! From an industry perspective, it’s great that MultiPark helps give trails parks additional exposure and encourages more riding variety for MultiPark members."

– Sean Badenhorst, TREAD Media

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"MultiPark has offered me an easy choice in terms of last minute rides. No need to carry cash, or think about where to ride! There have been occasions where the scans were not recognised, or very slow to register, but when running smoothly, it is a gem product!"

-Alex Hill

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"I have been using Multiparks for about 2 years now and find it very user friendly an very good value for the money. Also no need to have cash/cards on hand. It also motivated me to ride at different locations and more often. Really enjoying the added value of Multiparks and hoping to see it grow."

-Marietjie Smuts

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"To MultiPark, As a single chick who runs around town at very odd hours , your facilities are just what a girl needs! 1) safety even if alone. 2) graded paths so I can improve on technical skills but not be in the middle of nowhere and have an easier chicken run if get freaked out. 3)always a friendly face at the reception or on the trials and often some buddies to ride with or help being a bit of a rookie! 4) safe parking - never had an issue 5) great coffee shop for after ride rehydration. 6) the MultiPark access is very well worth getting as frequent other parks too. Congratulations and thank you."

-Cathy Hanauer

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"MultiPark offers me a cost effective way to gain access to multiple parks within Gauteng (and 1 in KZN). The parks that I've experienced have been well marked and maintained, always offering a variety of difficulty levels and friendly staff and refreshments. Some even have a bike shop and cycling and riding accessories. Security at the parks has never been an issue for me. I have always felt safe enough to cycle alone. Also... meeting other Cyclists on route is an added bonus!"

-Dagmar Delmarco